New at Acme! Summertime Brews and so much more!

We are really excited about all the new offerings from distilleries and breweries all over the country! Today, we’ll highlight a couple “locals”.

We’re bringing you two beers from New Planet Brewery in Boulder, Colorado.

“As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we’re never more “at home” than when we’re exploring old mining trails in Colorado’s high country, fishing the pristine waters of the South Platte, or skinning up Arapahoe Basin under the light of a full moon. We understand how fortunate we are to live in a place like Colorado. We also view it as our responsibility to ensure that the things that make Colorado so special are there for generations to come. So, we Tread Lightly.” Hey- these folks are speaking our Gunnison Valley language!

“At New Planet, we’re big fans of enjoying great beer with close friends, but we also know there is something special about being out in the elements by yourself. These moments of quiet solitude in nature are the inspiration behind Seclusion IPA.”

Whether you choose to enjoy these brews with friends or alone, they’re sure to please! Come check them out!


You know and love them for their beers, especially Dale’s Pale Ale, but Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colorado has more tricks up their sleeve!

Enter Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water!

“Wild Basin is a lush and unspoiled spot along the St. Vrain River, our backyard playground nestled deep in the mountains of Colorado. It’s Clean, Pristine, and Untamed – just like our Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water. Keep Running Wild.”

Oh, and get this- they donate $1 per case of Wild Basin sold to beach and river cleanups around the country! Do you love them or what!?


Hoppity hops hops! If you’re an IPA fan, then this beer from Odell Brewing Company’s for you!

“Hammer Chain was born to reinvent our approach to Double IPAs. Named after the spinning blades of our custom-built machine that pulverizes each whole-flower hop, Hammer Chain is brewed with meticulously sourced, vibrant American hop varieties and packed with notes of drippy tropical fruit, radiant peach, and sweet stonefruit.”

We’re eager to hear what you think about our new choices! Come see us soon!

Cocktail of the Week - Citrus Gin Spritzer

Well, the forecast is a calling for another “bomb cyclone” weather event,

but we’re planning for spring cocktails anyway!

Fortunately there is gin, the sole glimmer in this darkness.
Do you feel the golden, copper-coloured light it kindles in you? I like walking through the city of an evening in the warmth of gin.
— Albert Camus


  • 2 tablespoons fresh mint leaves

  • 1 tablespoon agave syrup

  • 3 tablespoons gin

  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

  • 1/2 cup seltzer

  • Crushed ice

  • Lemon, lime and orange zest strips


Add mint and agave to a short glass; muddle gently. Stir in gin and lemon juice. Stir in seltzer and fill with ice. Garnish with zest strips.

New at Acme: OZV wines from Oak Ridge Winery

Oak Ridge Winery is the oldest operating winery in Lodi, California, built in 1934.

The wines are made from 7,500 acres of estate vineyards throughout the Lodi American Viticultural Area (AVA). The winery and vineyards are situated between the Sierra Nevada foothills and the San Francisco Bay.

Oak Ridge vineyards, Lodi, California.

Oak Ridge vineyards, Lodi, California.

The area’s uniquely Mediterranean climate, with warm days and coastal evening breezes, is ideal for the cultivation of world-class wine grapes. California’s top varietals thrive here, with zinfandel being a singular phenomenon.

Vines, some over 100 years old, produce small yields of intensely flavored fruit to create wines that are the ultimate expression of the terroir.


Won’t you stop by and try some of our new products? DOUBLE ACME POINTS ALL OFF-SEASON! Cheers!

New at Acme: Resilience Beer

We know it’s still feeling like winter (even though it’s actually spring!), and thinking about summer, and fire season, is far from anyone’s mind, but we wanted to share the incredible story behind one of our new items here at Acme.

The Camp Fire as seen from the Landsat 8 satellite on November 8, 2018.

The Camp Fire as seen from the Landsat 8 satellite on November 8, 2018.

Y’all remember the devastating forest fires in California last year, right? It was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season on record in California. One of those fires, the Camp Fire, killed at least 86 people, and destroyed more than 18,000 structures, becoming both California's deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record.

Well, the folks at Sierra Nevada Brewing decided to do something about it. Visit their website to read the full, incredible, inspiring story. Suffice it to say, they crafted a new beer, and also shared the recipe with any and all who were willing to brew and sell it. “More than 1,400 breweries signed up to brew Resilience. Our suppliers donated ingredients to every brewery nationwide. Wholesalers and retailers agreed to carry the beer and donate every dollar they received. All of them agreed to do this for free to benefit people they had never met. Every dollar Sierra Nevada receives will go to those impacted by the Camp Fire.

So, come try the new beer, and know that you’re doing something good for the world! #drinkbeerspreadjoy

Cocktail of the Week - "Deep Cleanse"

This recipe incorporates a healthy dose of cucumber and aloe vera.

It’s perfect for some post-sun hydration.

deep cleanse.jpg
When making a version of this maritime classic, we distill each component, including juniper, coriander, cardamom, and Bergamot, individually before bringing them together, creating a bold, and aromatic gin that will shine in any mixed drink. The term navy strength was bestowed by the British Royal Navy only on those gins high enough in proof to still render gunpowder flammable should it be drenched by the spirit.
— The Fine Folks @ Leopold Bros. Spirits


  • 1.5 oz Leopold Brother's Navy Gin

  • 2 oz aloe vera Juice

  • 1/2 oz simple syrup

  • 3 slices cucumber

  • Squeeze of fresh lime


  • Muddle cucumber and simple syrup.

  • Add other ingredients and shake well.

  • Strain and serve up in a cocktail glass.

  • Garnish with a cucumber slice.

New at Acme: Whiskey (Whisky?) Wednesday

First of all, let’s get this spelling issue taken care of. According to the site, Whisky for Everyone (which should definitely be a bumper sticker), “The Scots spell it whisky and the Irish spell it whiskey, with an extra 'e'. This difference in the spelling comes from the translations of the word from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic forms. Whiskey with the extra 'e' is also used when referring to American whiskies. This 'e' was taken to the United States by the Irish immigrants in the 1700s and has been used ever since.” The distillation processes also differ slightly depending on the country of origin. Cool.


But Scotland, Ireland, and America aren’t the only ones crafting this malted magic anymore. Have you ever tried Japanese Whisky (no ‘e’- must be using the Scottish process)??

Acme Liquor now carries Kaiyo Whisky, out of Osaka, Japan.


You MUST visit their website to read about not only their unique Mizunara oak casks (the most expensive casks in the world!), but also the amazing sea journey they send their whisky on, because, as I’m sure EVERYONE knows, “It is centuries’ old knowledge that the amalgamation of the salt ocean air and a distant sea voyage enriches whisky.” (Did NOT know that.)

Jen Hillebrandt
New Beer At Acme Liquor Store

Today, let’s focus on a few of the new beers!

“A bourbon barrel stout is, by design, an exercise in collaboration. The profiles of two distinct and celebrated libations come together to form something unique. When Old Elk Bourbon Distillery opened its doors less than a mile from our brewery, back of napkin sketches were traded, and after months of patience, this imperial stout is realized. The freshly emptied bourbon casks contribute hints of sweet vanilla, soft oak, and deep molasses that complement the full body of rich roasted malts. We recommend pairing this beer with a good neighbor.”

Such a great story and collaboration! See our earlier blog post highlighting the boss ladies that concocted this tasty treat.


One of two new beers from Deschutes Brewery!

“Introducing Fresh Haze IPA, our newest IPA is hazy with a chance of obsession. The flavor explodes in your mouth with notes of orange citrus sweetness and a soft malt body. Carrying both citrus and tropical fruit from Mandarina, Amarillo and Simcoe hops…OJ for days.”

We’re dreaming of spring, even though Mother Nature seems hell-bent on hanging on to winter these days!


Brazil’s 1st Artisan brewery is now available in Colorado! Saúde!

“Dado Bier Lager is a light, golden-colored, low fermentation American Lager. Gently bitter, it is a benchmark in the fundamentals of a great Pilsen beer, the most well-known and consumed type in the world. Produced with carefully selected ingredients, it has been developed to please every palate.”

Dado bier cheers.jpg
New Productsholly harmon
New at Acme

We have a ton of new products that we are excited to share with you! In honor of Women’s History Month we decided to start with the wine, beer, and spirits that are being created by women across the world!!!

Be sure to check out these new products next time you’re in Acme. We’d love to hear what you think about them all.

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Hedges Family Estate - featuring the Hedges Organic Red Mountain Blend and Winemaker Sarah Hedges Goedhart.

“For those who haven't had the pleasure, Sarah is the kind of person you want to share a long lunch with. She holds three passports, as she was born in Buenos Aires, her mother is from Champagne, France, and her father is from Washington State.

And she is a fermentation wizard.”

To learn more about Sarah, the Hedges Family Estate and their wine making, head to their blog, The Wine Life.

Led by a passion for authenticity and a deep connection to the land they call home, the Hedges Family epitomizes the modern wine estate. A blend of rich cultural upbringings and a shared love for creating beautiful wine converge at the heart of bucolic Red Mountain, fostering a true homegrown approach to farming and viticulture. Hedges Family Estate unites past and present, evolving tradition for generations to come.

The wine: The Organic Red Mountain Blend consistently displays dense color, firm tannins, and well-defined acidity. Always a majority blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, this wine is suitable for drinking upon release, but will reward those with the patience to age it.

Because girls make better wine

Images courtesy of Hedge’s Family Estate

Odell Brewing - Bull Proof Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout

Watch this video to learn how Marni, one of the head brewers at Odell’s, and Kate, head distiller at Old Elk came together to create this one-of-a-kind Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout.

Catena Zapata featuring their Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wine: Before the world recognized Catena’s Argentina as “Malbec country”, the winery was known for its old-world style Cabernet Sauvignon born in the clay soils of Agrelo. The family cherishes its historic Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in Agrelo and Tupungato, particularly for their ageability and classic flavors. Catena Alta Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from Lot 3 of the La Pirámide vineyard, Lot 2 of the Domingo vineyard and Lot 2 of the Nicasia Vineyard. Elevage: 18 months in French oak barrels.

Meet Managing Director and Catena Institute of Wine Founder and Board, Laura Catena

Dr. Laura Catena is a fourth generation Argentine vintner, physician, and author. Catena was born in Mendoza and spent her childhood with her grandfather Domingo at the family's winery in the small village of La Libertad. Laura graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1988 and has a Medical Doctor degree from Stanford University. In 1995, Laura joined her father Nicolás Catena Zapata at the family winery and founded the Catena Institute of Wine with the vision of making Argentine wines that could stand with the best of the world.

Dr. Laura Catena has been called "the face of Argentine wine" for her active role in studying and promoting the Mendoza wine region and Argentine Malbec. Laura's life obsession is to learn more about high altitude viticulture, the vineyard soil microbiome and wine ageability.

Images Curtesy of Catena Zapata

Since Laura Catena took over and put her name on the label, the estate series seems to have taken on a bigger, brasher expression. The Catena Zapata wines can stand proudly among the best in the world.
— Catena Zapata
holly harmon
Cocktail of the Week - Colorado Mule

An authentic Colorado Mule featuring Telluride Whiskey & Infuse Bitters made with Saranac Ginger Beer .

Colorado Mule Recipe

We love Moscow Mules here in Crested Butte, Colorado - but we like to do them just a little bit differently.

At Acme Liquor Store we special order Saranac Ginger Beer out of New York. Once you taste it you’ll understand why!

Legend has it that Ginger Beer heals the soul and cures your ailments . . . Saranac Ginger Beer will make you stand up and take notice! We use “tons of ginger” for an effervescent and slightly tart and snappy taste. Mix it, drink it, do whatever- you’ll love the real “ginger snap” that makes our Saranac Ginger Beer excitingly refreshing.
— The Fine Folks @ Saranac Brewing
Photo Credit: Telluride Brewing Company

Photo Credit: Telluride Brewing Company


If you prefer your Mules with vodka, we won’t judge. Just be sure to choose Telluride Vodka - it’s worth it! And, don’t forget the bitters. We suggest Infuse’s Ginger Bitters for that extra ginger love!

Photo Credit: Infuse Bitters

Photo Credit: Infuse Bitters



  • Garnish with a fresh lime

  • Serve over ice, and enjoy!

Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine's Day Sale 💖

15% off certain social lubricants February 11th - 18th


Social Lubricant according to Urban Dictionary:

Noun: liquor of any form that induces intoxication and social lubrication (i.e., outgoing and gregarious behavior)

gotta hit the social lubricant before kickin' it at the club.

#beer #alcohol #wine #liquor #shots

Whatever you want to call it, we chose a few of our favorites and will have them on sale for you before, during and after Valentine’s Day so you can celebrate with friends, your main squeeze or ignore the holiday and just take advantage of a sale on some good booze!

Beer of the Month, Elevation

Enjoy discounts on Elevation Beer Co brews all month long at Acme!

Elevation Beer Company is a craft brewery in the rural mountain town of Poncha Springs, Colorado. Founded on the principles of hard work, dedication, discipline and of course playing hard, Elevation believes quality beer is the result of living a quality lifestyle. Elevation brews for the craft enthusiast and salt of the earth alike with a handful of easy-drinking classics like 8 Second Kolsch, First Cast IPA, and Little Mo’ Porter. Elevation also offers unique seasonal, specialty, and barrel aged beers. At Elevation, we are more than just a beer company, we are a family, a community, and a collective of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
— Elevation Beer Co

P.C - Elevation Beer Co

Bonus- Join us on Friday January 25th 4:00 pm for a complimentary tasting at Acme Liquor Store in Crested Butte, CO.

Basic New Year's Hangover Cure
Lazy persons guide to the perfect bloody mary

Feeling it from last night’s festivities? We have just the cure!

A super basic, no-fail Bloody Mary.

Who wants to mess with all the toppings and garnish when your head is pounding? Not us! But bacon- that’s a necessity. Grease + Protein + Amazing Bloody Mix + A Decent Vodka = Bye Bye Hangover.

We recommend throwing a package of thick cut bacon in the oven at 375 on a foil-lined tray for about 12-15 min (keep an eye on it and check every couple of minutes after 12 min). Once the bacon is as crisp or floppy as you like and has cooled just a a bit, be sure to lay your bacon on a few paper towels to catch the excess grease.

While the bacon is cooking, grab some ice and fill nearly to the rim, and pour in your vodka of choice. Next, be sure to shake your mix really well before opening, then pour ‘til about 3/4 full (to leave room for the bacon!). Don’t forget to mix or stir. If you’re feeling extra lazy, just grab a butter knife and give it a swirl.

For this recipe we went with Monopolowa Vodka and Michelada and Bloody Maria Mix. The Bloody Maria Mix has just the right amount of spice for most and brings a thick, homemade feel to your Bloody. Add pepper and hot sauce of choice if you need more kick.

Once the bacon is finished and the grease has been patted off, chop a few slices into bits and add to your mix along with a strip or two and enjoy!

perfect bacon Bloody Mary
Cocktail of the Week: The Classic Manhattan

A Classic Manhattan featuring Knob Creek Rye


  • 2 oz. Knob Creek Rye whiskey

  • 1 oz. Boissiere Sweet vermouth

  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters

  • 1 dash of Fee's Grapefruit bitters

  • Lemon peel

  • Garnish: Two Luxardo Maraschino Cherries


Pour the whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters into a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir well and then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Twist and discard lemon peel. Garnish and serve. Cheers!

Knob Creek Classic Manhattan, Crested Butte Liquor Store

Photos from Knob Creek

September Beer of the Month
Telluride Brewing Co at Acme in Crested Butte, beer of the month

Guys, this is a steal!!!!

Telluride Brewing Co. is our Beer of the Month!

Enjoy $1.00 off 6 packs and $2.00 off 12 packs all month long!!!

From Telluride Brewing Co, here is some history of how this mountain town beer got its start:

Telluride. Skiing. Rafting. Grateful Dead.
But most of all, BEER brought best friends Chris Fish
and Tommy Thacher together.

The pair first met at a local bar in Telluride. Fish was the brewmaster, and Tommy the bartender. At night, they spent long hours discussing their quest for the perfect beer and their ultimate dream of opening a brewery.

Over time, Fish’s beers began attracting attention – winning gold and bronze medals at the Great American Beer Festival and developing a dedicated following throughout Colorado. Tommy, meanwhile, went on to become a middle school history teacher. He and Fish remained close, however – seeing music, going on rafting and ski adventures, arguing over their favorite football teams, and, always, talking about their quest for the perfect beer.

Now, more than a decade in the making, Fish and Tommy made their quest for that perfect beer a reality. In May 2011, Fish and Tommy partnered with Telluride real estate broker Brian Gavin and local graphic artist John Lehman to form the Telluride Brewing Company. The team spent much of 2011 working to build their brewery and fine tune their brewing process.

The result is a variety of beers that come straight from Rocky Mountain snow-melt, which are made with premium malts and worthy hops. Since the first beer was poured in 2012, Telluride Brewing has been on a tear. Telluride Brewing has undergone four different expansions, which has allowed production to roughly double each year. The brewery also took home Gold medals for their Face Down Brown at World Beer Cup (2012), Great American Beer Festival (2012), and Great American Beer Festival (2014), and Bronze at the Great American Beer Festival (2016). In addition to Face Down Brown’s accolades, Telluride Brewing also won hardware for the Whacked Out Wheat at Great American Beer Festival (2015) and World Beer Cup (2016).  Over the last five years, Telluride Brewing has also expanded distribution of its kegs and cans throughout the great state of Colorado and has no plans of distributing outside of Colorado.  Fish and Tommy are always scheming to fine tune their quest for the perfect beer, but it is a safe assumption that their dream continues to come true!

holly harmon
Rub & Rye featuring Vermont Sticky Maple Syrup & Jamie's Jerky
Photo Credit: Vermont Sticky

Photo Credit: Vermont Sticky

Fall is here in the mountains, and it’s the perfect time to slow down and whip up a Craft Cocktail at home! Let us know what you think about this Rub & Rye featuring some of Crested Butte’s favorite ingredients.


  • 1.5 oz Bulleit Rye Whiskey

  • .5 oz Lemon Juice

  • .5 oz Vermont Sticky Maple Syrup

  • 1 oz Egg Whites

  • 5 oz Peach Fruit Beer

  • 5 drops of bitters

  • 1 strip of Jamie’s Jerky

  • Dry Rub (mixture of dried spices, often with salt and sugar)

  • Ice

  • Shaker / Strainer

Rim your pint glass with your favorite Dry Rub, fill halfway with ice and set aside

Add: Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Maple Syrup to a shaker and top with ice

Shake vigorously and strain into pint glass, top with beer & bitters, garnish with a slice of Jamie’s Jerky!

Jamie's Jerky
holly harmon
Rhubarb Shrub Cocktail by Dara featuring Green House Gin
Green House Gin

The Rhubarb Shrub by Dara

Paired best with a view of the mountain and the perfect Alpenglow reflection.

Daras Ruhbarb Shurb Cocktail .jpg


  • Local Rhubarb

  • Lemon Peel

  • Sugar

  • Rice Wine Vinegar

  • Green House Gin

  • Seltzer Water

  • Tarragon

  • Ice


Step one: Make the shrub
Combine rhubarb, lemon peel and sugar in a small sauce pan. 
Bring to a boil and simmer for 5-10 minutes or until rhubarb begins to break down. 
Strain out the solids. 
Add an equal quantity of rice wine vinegar.
Place shrub in a jar in the fridge. Will keep for up to 2 months. 

To make the cocktail:
Add equal amounts of the shrub to Green House Gin over ice. 
Optional, halve the shrub and top with seltzer water.
Garnish with tarragon leaves.



Have a recipe you'd like to share? Comment below and we'll get in touch!



holly harmon
Beginner’s Guide to Charcuterie, Cheese, and Wine

Ready to step up your hosting game? Read on for 3 perfect pairs for your next Charcuterie and Cheese Board!

charcuterie and cheese for beginners

First things first - charcuterie - we know it really means "the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products, such as baconhamsausageterrinesgalantinesballotinespâtés, and confit, primarily from pork." Thank you Wikipedia! However, for the purposes of this guide, let's be real, what's all that delicious meat without cheese?! And wine?! 

MARGERUM Riviera Rosé & Vermont Creamery's Smoky Pepper Jelly

Margerum Riviera Rose .jpeg

This Rosé out of Santa Barbara, CA is a Grenache-Syrah based pink and packs some serious prestige for its price point. With a little effervescence out of the glass this rosé is dry, crisp, and refreshing, with notes of strawberry, honeysuckle and rose petals. The Riviera Rosé is great on its own and pairs well with Vermont Creamery's Smoky Pepper Jelly: Sweet meets heat in this blend of pleasantly spicy pepper jelly with subtle notes of hickory wood smoke. Add your favorite prosciutto and you’re set!

BROADBENT Vinho Verde Arinto & Kerry Gold Cheddar and Summer Sausage

BROADBENT Vinho Verde Arinto
cheddar and wine

Vinho Verdes are typically a simple white wine, meaning 'green wine', a reference to its youngness and freshness, usually displaying a bit of effervescence. The Broadbent isn't too hard to find and you can impress your friends by letting them know that Vinho Verde is a region in northern Portugal and not a grape varietal. ;) Pair it with Vermont Summer Sausage. 

Shooting Star Blaufränkisch, Washington & Salami 

Shooting Star

This is a great and unusual red at a fair price point. Be sure to let it open up for 30 min or so before enjoying. Because this red has a light body with raspberry, blueberry and modest earthiness along with soft tannins it will pair perfectly with salami - the easiest of all charcuterie meats. While choosing your Salami don't be afraid to pick up a Salumi because Salami is actually just a type of Salumi!!!

You'll want to add a your favorite crackers, some fresh fruit (think thinly sliced strawberries, grapes and apple slices), olives and jam spread.

And now for the big secret! Choose a wine you love and pair it with your favorite meats and cheeses and you will have your Ultimate Charcuterie and Cheese Board! It's really all about enjoying your favorite flavors and time shared with friends and family! Share your perfect #CharcuterieandCheeseBoard on Instagram and tag #acmeliquorstore to get featured!

beginners guide to charcuterie.jpg
holly harmon
Summer Peach Manhattan

It's the peak of Peach Season in Colorado, do it up right with this Summer Peach Manhattan!!!

Summer Peach Manhattan


  • 1/2 Large Ripe Peach, skinned & sliced into wedges
  • 2 oz. Peach Schnapps
  • 3 oz. Four Roses Bourbon
  • 1/2 oz. Sweet Vermouth
  • Ice 

Using a blender mix Peaches & Schnapps until smooth, strain if desired.

Pour Peach & Schnapps mixture into a cocktail shaker filled with ice

Add Bourbon & Vermouth and shake vigorously

Pour into a chilled glass and garnish with sliced peaches.


Recipesholly harmon