Beginner’s Guide to Charcuterie, Cheese, and Wine

Ready to step up your hosting game? Read on for 3 perfect pairs for your next Charcuterie and Cheese Board!

charcuterie and cheese for beginners

First things first - charcuterie - we know it really means "the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products, such as baconhamsausageterrinesgalantinesballotinespâtés, and confit, primarily from pork." Thank you Wikipedia! However, for the purposes of this guide, let's be real, what's all that delicious meat without cheese?! And wine?! 

MARGERUM Riviera Rosé & Vermont Creamery's Smoky Pepper Jelly

Margerum Riviera Rose .jpeg

This Rosé out of Santa Barbara, CA is a Grenache-Syrah based pink and packs some serious prestige for its price point. With a little effervescence out of the glass this rosé is dry, crisp, and refreshing, with notes of strawberry, honeysuckle and rose petals. The Riviera Rosé is great on its own and pairs well with Vermont Creamery's Smoky Pepper Jelly: Sweet meets heat in this blend of pleasantly spicy pepper jelly with subtle notes of hickory wood smoke. Add your favorite prosciutto and you’re set!

BROADBENT Vinho Verde Arinto & Kerry Gold Cheddar and Summer Sausage

BROADBENT Vinho Verde Arinto
cheddar and wine

Vinho Verdes are typically a simple white wine, meaning 'green wine', a reference to its youngness and freshness, usually displaying a bit of effervescence. The Broadbent isn't too hard to find and you can impress your friends by letting them know that Vinho Verde is a region in northern Portugal and not a grape varietal. ;) Pair it with Vermont Summer Sausage. 

Shooting Star Blaufränkisch, Washington & Salami 

Shooting Star

This is a great and unusual red at a fair price point. Be sure to let it open up for 30 min or so before enjoying. Because this red has a light body with raspberry, blueberry and modest earthiness along with soft tannins it will pair perfectly with salami - the easiest of all charcuterie meats. While choosing your Salami don't be afraid to pick up a Salumi because Salami is actually just a type of Salumi!!!

You'll want to add a your favorite crackers, some fresh fruit (think thinly sliced strawberries, grapes and apple slices), olives and jam spread.

And now for the big secret! Choose a wine you love and pair it with your favorite meats and cheeses and you will have your Ultimate Charcuterie and Cheese Board! It's really all about enjoying your favorite flavors and time shared with friends and family! Share your perfect #CharcuterieandCheeseBoard on Instagram and tag #acmeliquorstore to get featured!

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holly harmon