Oppose Clark's Market 3.2 Liquor License!

We need your help! If you live in or visit Crested Butte please sign the petition to show town council that your are OPPOSED to Clark's Market's application for a 3.2 Liquor License in Crested Butte.

You can also find a physical petition to sign at:

Mountain Spirits Liquor Store on #ElkAvenue
The Wine House at the Four Way
Treasury Liquor Store in #MtCrestedButte

If you can please attend the August 20th town council meeting at Town Hall to show your support for LOCAL Liquor Stores!!!!



Clark's Market in Crested Butte is trying to circumvent a new law taking place in Colorado in January 2019 that will allow grocery stores to carry full strength beer EXCEPT those stores that are within 3,000 feet of an existing store.

However, BY APPLYING FOR A 3.2% OFF-PREMISES ALCOHOL LICENSE, next week in Crested Butte, they will automatically be allowed to transition to full strength beer in January 2019, breaking the 'spirit' of the new law designed to PROTECT Ma and Pop stores.

Keep your money local, support your favorite Crested Butte Liquor Stores!


Oppose CLarks 3.2
Info on Clarks 3.2 Liquor License in Crested Butte