Cocktail of the Week - Begonia Sangria!

It’s summer! This is a tasty, incredibly easy thirst quencher!

SANGRIA comes from the word sangre (Spanish for blood)—pertaining not only to the color of wine used in the traditional red sangria, but also reflecting a strong Spanish identity. Every house has its own blend of ‘secret’ ingredients. The variation of flavors and styles depends greatly on the specific region the sangria is from, as well as the particular taste of the person making it. A staple of Spanish tables, especially in the summer season, it’s a way to enjoy the flavorful bounty of harvest all year long.

Begonia Sangria

Begonia Sangria

If life hands you lemons, put them in your sangria!

Pour one can of Begonia Sangria over ice.

Garnish with orange twists and other fresh summer fruit!


But, such a beautiful cocktail for yourself and your guests!

An authentic Spanish recipe going back two generations

An authentic Spanish recipe going back two generations

BEGONIA SANGRIA is one of the few premium sangrias produced in Spain. All of its ingredients are natural and of high quality. The spices macerate with the wine, same method as producing artisanal vermouth. The fruit flavors come from a natural extraction of the essence of the oranges. No chemicals or artificial flavoring is used. Lastly, this sangria is not pasteurized making its wine flavors more apparent and fresh.