Cocktail of the Week - Colorado Mule

An authentic Colorado Mule featuring Telluride Whiskey & Infuse Bitters made with Saranac Ginger Beer .

Colorado Mule Recipe

We love Moscow Mules here in Crested Butte, Colorado - but we like to do them just a little bit differently.

At Acme Liquor Store we special order Saranac Ginger Beer out of New York. Once you taste it you’ll understand why!

Legend has it that Ginger Beer heals the soul and cures your ailments . . . Saranac Ginger Beer will make you stand up and take notice! We use “tons of ginger” for an effervescent and slightly tart and snappy taste. Mix it, drink it, do whatever- you’ll love the real “ginger snap” that makes our Saranac Ginger Beer excitingly refreshing.
— The Fine Folks @ Saranac Brewing
Photo Credit: Telluride Brewing Company

Photo Credit: Telluride Brewing Company


If you prefer your Mules with vodka, we won’t judge. Just be sure to choose Telluride Vodka - it’s worth it! And, don’t forget the bitters. We suggest Infuse’s Ginger Bitters for that extra ginger love!

Photo Credit: Infuse Bitters

Photo Credit: Infuse Bitters



  • Garnish with a fresh lime

  • Serve over ice, and enjoy!