New at Acme: Resilience Beer

We know it’s still feeling like winter (even though it’s actually spring!), and thinking about summer, and fire season, is far from anyone’s mind, but we wanted to share the incredible story behind one of our new items here at Acme.

The Camp Fire as seen from the Landsat 8 satellite on November 8, 2018.

The Camp Fire as seen from the Landsat 8 satellite on November 8, 2018.

Y’all remember the devastating forest fires in California last year, right? It was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season on record in California. One of those fires, the Camp Fire, killed at least 86 people, and destroyed more than 18,000 structures, becoming both California's deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record.

Well, the folks at Sierra Nevada Brewing decided to do something about it. Visit their website to read the full, incredible, inspiring story. Suffice it to say, they crafted a new beer, and also shared the recipe with any and all who were willing to brew and sell it. “More than 1,400 breweries signed up to brew Resilience. Our suppliers donated ingredients to every brewery nationwide. Wholesalers and retailers agreed to carry the beer and donate every dollar they received. All of them agreed to do this for free to benefit people they had never met. Every dollar Sierra Nevada receives will go to those impacted by the Camp Fire.

So, come try the new beer, and know that you’re doing something good for the world! #drinkbeerspreadjoy